This is the infamous seal of the GODS. It was adapted as the official symbol of the group at the 2006 Spring Caucus, where the symbols and meaning behind them were deicded.  That summer, Steve Ford drew it freehand and it appeared on the bowling shirts from the 2007 season.  Later, during the 2009 season, Jon Doggett's father used imaging software to enhance and sharped the image.


The following symbols appear on the seal:

"Big O" - Stands for O-Rank, which is the traditional rank of the gods.  Also references the nickname "The Big O's," which was used in the 80's before the section was referred to as "The Gods."  It's position suggests a sun rising, which compliments the aviator sunglasses below and the suggests the phrase "the sun never sets on the gods."

Twin Tenor Saxes - Represents the "Instrument of the Gods."  The two saxophones suggest that the gods are never alone, and help eachother through difficult situations on and off the field.

Aviators -  

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